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craftbookswap's Journal

Craft Book Swap
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Hi my name is Lindsey (you can read my personal journal Here

I have created this community for all of us craft lovers that would like to join a book swap of our unused books and magazines. Crafts of all sorts will be accepted. Primarily though I would like to see alot of beaders and polymer clay makers here.


1. Must have valid email address and livejournal user account.
2. Each person must contribute something to the swap. (something may be print outs, copies, may even samples of wha you have made.)
3. Each person must pass on everything they recieve exactly as they recieve it. Please do not take anything from any of the books, copies or samples. If this cannot happen the book swap will be stopped.
4.Each person will get 10 days with the items and should add something to pass along.